Thinking about Adoption?

Small Breed Adults Available for Adoption

Jaxon (Male), 1.5 years
Jack Russell Mix, 18 pounds

May (Female) 3 years
Wirehair mix, 13 pounds

Addie (Female), 14 years
Shih Tzu, 14 pounds

Roosevelt (Male) 8 years
Chihuahua mix, 7 pounds

Bonnie (Female) 5 years
25 pounds

Yoda (Male) 1.5 years
Chihuahua mix, 8 pounds

Stella (Female) senior
Chihuahua mix

Danny Boy (Male) 8 years
Mini Poodle, 12 pounds

Camille (Female) 6 years
French Bulldog
*Not Available until Feb
undergoing fast kill method for

Riley (Female) 1 year

Medium to Large Breed Adults Available for Adoption

Diesel (Male) 7 years
Lab mi

Athena (Female) 2 years
Lab mix

Willow (Female) 1 year
Hound mix, 49 pounds

Obie (Male)1 year
Lab mix

Small Breed Puppies Available for Adoption

Marky (Male)
11 weeks, Dachshund mix

Dee Dee (Male)
11 weeks, Dachshund mix

Tish (Female)
11 weeks, Dachshund mix

Snookie (Female)
11 weeks, Dachshund mix

Joey (Male)
11 weeks, Dachshund mix

Johnny (Male)
11 weeks, Dachshund mix

Ross (Male) 9 weeks
Wirehair Dachushund mix

Winnie (Female) 10 months
Beagle mix

Medium to Large Breed Puppies Available for Adoption

Baylor (Male) 5 months
Lab mix

Lucy (Female) 6 months
Boxer mix,
40 pounds

Luna (Female)
9 weeks, Collie mix

Pepper (Female)
9 weeks, Collie mix

Elizabeth (Female) 9 weeks, Collie mix

Buster Moon (Male)
9 weeks, Collie mix

Harper (Female)
9 weeks, Collie mi

Adoption Information & Fees

Adoption fees include an examination of your canine at the time of entrance into our program which includes the following treatment of internal and external parasites, age-appropriate vaccinations, heartworm and flea prevention, heartworm test if age-appropriate, rabies vaccine if age-appropriate, spay/neuter surgery, and microchip with registration.

$200 Medium to Large Breed Puppies and Adults
$250 Small Breed Adults (under 30 pounds)
$300 Small breed puppies