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Small Breed Adults Available for Adoption

Raye (Female) 2 years
Chihuahua mix, 12 lbs

Jolie (Female)
Shepherd mix, 24 lbs

Sally (Female) 7 years
Small breed mix, 6 lbs
*Skin allergies

Kali (Female) 1 year
Chihuahua mix 12 lbs
*heartworm positive

Molly (Female) 2 years
Dachshund / Beagle, 12 pounds
*Heartworm positive

Miles (Male) 3 years
Beagle / Dachushund 20 pounds

Sugar (Female)
6 years
*Heartworm positive

Powerade (Male) 

1.5 years
Rat Terrier mix, 16 pounds

Tucker (Male) 1 year
Dachushund mix 14 pounds

Evie (Female) 4 years
Chihuahua, 7 pounds

Prince Harry (Male) 2 years
Mini Golden Doodle, 12 lbs

Lila (Female) 6 years old 20 lbs

Medium to Large Breed Adults Available for Adoption

Ruby (Female) 1.5 years
Lab / Cattle Dog mix, 35lbs *House Trained

Rose (Female) 1 year
Beagle / Lab mix, 29 pounds  Heartworm positive

Bobby (Male) 2 years
Lab / Terrier Mix, 52 lbs
*Heartworm positive
*House Trained

Jonas (Male) 1 year
Terrier mix, 34 pounds

Rosie (Female) 2 years 60 lbs
*Heartworm positive
*House Trained

Reba (Female) 1.5 years
Terrier mix, 34 lbs
*Heartworm positive

Maggie (Female) 2 years
Hound / Lab mix, 55 lbs

Small Breed Puppies Available for Adoption

Lily (Female)
6 months
Dachshund mix

Kimo (Male) 4 months
JRT mix

Koa (Male) 4 months
JRT mix

Jupiter (Male)
6 months Dachshund mix

Medium to Large Breed Puppies Available for Adoption

Koopa (Male) 5 months
Heeler mix

Hope (Female) 6 months
25 pounds 

Khloe (Female) 6 months
Hound / Lab mix

Drake (Male) 10 weeks

Duel (Male) 10 weeks

Dody (Female) 10 weeks

Adoption Information & Fees

Our typical adoption fee is $250, however, large adult dogs are only $200 as they receive the least amount of interest and have been with us for longer periods of time.
We do not typically have purebred, hypoallergenic, and small-breed mixed puppies.  When we do have them available, their adoption fee is $300 due to the high volume of applicants interested in them.

Adoption fees include age-appropriate and required vaccinations, heartworm and flea prevention, heartworm test if age-appropriate (9 months and older), spay/neuter surgery, and microchip with registration.