Thinking about Adoption?

Small Breed Adults Available for Adoption

Sally (Female) 7 years
Small breed mix, 6 lbs

Bonnie (Female) 6 years
28 lbs
House Trained
*heartworm positive

Maybelline (Female) 3 years
16 lbs

Gabby (Female) 6 years
Shih Tzu, 13 lbs
*dry eye medication and skin infection

Alfie (Male) 5 years
Chihuahua mix, 8 lbs

(Male) 2 years
Chihuahua / Dachushund mix, 7 pounds
*left eye has been removed

Pippa (Female) 7 years
Rat Terrier Mix, 13 lbs
*diabetic, on insulin once a day

Miss Luna (Female) 1 year
10 lbs, long legs
*heartworm positive

Lil Smokey (Male) 2 years
Miniature Schnauzer, 8 pounds

Little Boy (Male) 3 years
12 pounds
long legs

(Male) 6 years
Yorkie Mix

Chewbacca (Male) 4 years
Shih Tzu, 13 pounds

Raven (Female) 4 years
Shih Tzu

Cookie (Female) 4 years
Shih Tzu, 10 pounds

Coco (Male) 16 years
Chihuahua, 6 pounds

Medium to Large Breed Adults Available for Adoption

Aaron (Male) 1 year
30 lbs

Whiskey (Male) 2 years
Catahoula mix, 30 pounds

Reba 1.5 years (Female) 34 lbs
*heartworm positive

Trinity Bean (Female)
Terrier mix, 30 pounds
* 3 legs

Diesel (Male) 7 years
Lab mix, 75 lbs
House Trained

Hercules (Male) 1 year
German Shepherd, 64 lbs

Janae (Female)

Small Breed Puppies Available for Adoption

Laney (Female) 7 weeks
Rat Terrier mix

Luki (Male) 7 weeks
Rat Terrier Mix

Cole  (Male) 4 months
Boston Terrier mix

Medium to Large Breed Puppies Available for Adoption

Boomer (Male) 3 months
Bluetick Coonhound mix

Jia (Female) 6 months
Border Collie mix, 14 pounds 

Fatone (Male) 8 weeks
Australian Shepherd Mix

Fancy (Female)
Great Pyrenees Mix

8 weeks

8 weeks 

Holly (Female) 6 months
Aussie mix, 18 pounds

Finn (Male)
Hound mix

New Intake

Adoption Information & Fees

Adoption fees include an examination of your canine at the time of entrance into our program which includes the following treatment of internal and external parasites, age-appropriate vaccinations, heartworm and flea prevention, heartworm test if age-appropriate, rabies vaccine if age-appropriate, spay/neuter surgery, and microchip with registration. 

$200    Medium to Large Breed Puppies and Adults
$250   Small Breed Adults (under 30 pounds)
$300   Small breed puppies