Who we are and What we've accomplished

Our Mission Statement

Cultivating a compassionate and knowledgeable community of canine care and safety while securing at-risk canines temporarily for the purpose of successfully pairing them with loving families. 

What's behind the Name

Our rescue is named from the location in which we serve, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As most people who live here already know, rouge means red. K9 is shorthand for canine or dog. Our name, K9 Rouge, therefore means "red dog". Even though our state of Louisiana is well known for the blue dog artwork, "red dog" means something different to us. Most canines in need of rescue and that are adopted through our rescue are mixed breeds and in most cases one or both of the parents may not be known. If you remember the story of Clifford the big red dog, you remember that he was the smallest dog in his litter and grew up to be the largest dog to ever exist. We like to remind potential adopters that puppies can grow larger than expected especially at a young adoption age. We encourage anyone who has reservations on the size of their new companion to please rescue one of the many full-grown canines out there. Dogs of all breeds and sizes are in need of forever homes, however, this is isn't a commitment to be entered into lightly.